Pre-Order of Juston Stens’ “Share the Road” Available Now!

Share The Road

After Juston Stens left the band Dr Dog, he set out to travel America on a 1972 Triumph motorcycle with a laptop full of demos to collaborate with musician friends across the country. The entire process was documented by director Drew Stubbs in the movie I Lay Where I Fall, premiering at the Nashville Film Festival on April 18. Musicians appearing in the film include members of Wilco, Spoon, Generationals, Floating Action, Brass Bed, Apollo Sunshine, and solo artists such as Jessica Lea Mayfield and others. Watch the official trailer.

The end product of the recordings that Juston and his collaborators made along that journey is the 10-song album, Share the Road. Share the Road is being released by Eschatone Records on June 24 and is available now for pre-order. The pre-order comes with an instant download of “Blink of an Eye,” recorded in Nashville by Juston and singer-songerwriter David Vandervelde.

Early reviews of I Lay Where I Fall and Share the Road:

“Cool music doc… I’ve seen so many of these performers in clubs that I’ll certainly spend a few bucks to see them in a movie theater.”–USA Today

I Lay Where I Fall is an intimate and evenhanded portrait, highlighting both the triumphs and the frustrations of the creative process and the life of a motorcycling free spirit who doesn’t always know the right way to execute his vision. Vexing as some of the more difficult moments may have been for those involved, it’s a consistently rewarding experience for the viewer.”–Nashville Scene

“In a raw and honest portrayal of having worked with one of the defining bands of our time, Stens sheds light on what it feels like to be disconnected from this process…. In a sense, he represents the mark of a true artist; he is someone who would give up everything… to support the guise that when you’re not creating, you’re dying. The resulting album and documentary are matured works, expertly showcasing the emotions that accompany an individual spirit….”–Lockeland Springsteen


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