Future Ruins

Future Ruins is the latest recording from Upstate NY husband/wife duo, Jennifer Maher Coleman and Paul Coleman, Architrave. This 10 song L.P. leaps into a brand new, innovative direction that is filled with luscious soundscapes, infectious bass-lines, and complex beats. While Architrave forge a unique sound of their own, Future Ruins hints at influences like PiL and Wire, particularly in Paul Coleman’s bass and guitar lines.

While their 2020 release, This Perfect Day was dystopian and sometimes broadly political in its themes, Future Ruins reflects pandemic isolation and resulting individual self-reflection that ensued on a massive scale.  The first single, Blissed Out, is a wild expression of our present-day need to tear ourselves away from our lonely doom-scrolling and reconnect with others in a deep, even rapturous way. It’s ecstatic rhythms, anthemic synthesizers, and pleading vocals convey the human drive to find joy in the darkest times.

“Jennifer’s haunting, reverb-infused vocals are lullabyesque, not unlike those of Siouxsie Sioux, injecting a complementary goth sensibility into music that might otherwise verge more directly into new wave.” Benj Gleeksman, No Echo

Future Ruins is available now on all streaming platforms as well as cassette, vinyl, and CD.


  1. Blissed Out
  2. Crown Shyness
  3. Headcount
  4. Louis Kahn
  5. Loved and Lost
  6. Humble and Good
  7. Truth Serum
  8. Rend The Garments
  9. Slice of Life
  10. Take It Slow

RiYL: Phantogram, Wire, New Order, S. Product, Future Islands, Elysium, Shadow of Fear, Month of Sundays, Boysdream, Drab Majesty, Actors, Little Dragon, The Cure

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