Capowski Releases Video for “Wild Animals”

“Wild Animals” is the new single and video from Capowski, a rocker with roots in the antifolk scene that percolated in New York City in the late 1980s.

Back then, an emerging antifolk artist known as Beck stored his records in Capowski’s apartment. Singer Michelle Shocked slept on the roof of Capowski’s apartment building on MacDougal Street. And Capowski tried out his own burgeoning song-writing skills on the stages of the East Village clubs that made up the antifolk scene — although his music at the time was “completely unfiltered and too intense,” he admits today.

Drugs and alcohol eventually took their toll, and Capowski dropped out of the music scene — for over 20 years. But he returns on June 2 with a stellar new album, “Wild Animals.”

Recorded in an artist’s loft in Barrytown, New York, by producer and Psychedelic Furs guitarist John Ashton, the loosely conceptual album tracks the trajectory of an emotional love affair — whether true bliss is ever realized or remains perpetually out of reach is the guiding tension behind the album.

Touches of dreamy jangle-rock and dark melody stand alongside effervescent, twangified pop — on an album inspired musically in equal parts by the Psychedelic Furs’ desire-filled, brooding post-punk and the bittersweet, supremely well-crafted pop of Fleetwood Mac‘s “Rumours.”

An incredible cast of players feature on the recording of “Wild Animals.” In addition to Capowski and John Ashton on guitar, the Band guitarist Jimmy Eppard plays on the album, as does bassist Sara Lee (Gang of Four, B52s), drummer Joe Magistro (Black Crowes), keyboardist Pete Levin (Miles Davis, Gil Evans) and vocalist Simi Stone.

The video for “Wild Animals” by Pigsaw Productions was shot in Capowski’s Arbor Hill neighborhood in Albany, New York, as well as in the studio while recording a live session for WEXT 97.7 with bassist Jeff Sohn and drummer Jamie Hurst.