Pete Donnelly Releases New Album, “Sobrecarga”

Pete Donnelly Sobrecarga

Under the pseudonym Pêro Lua, singer-songwriter Pete Donnelly has released a new album, Sobrecarga. (The title means “overload” in Portuguese.)

For his fourth LP, released on the Colonial Way label, Donnelly wrote, played and recorded the album in its entirety.

The eight songs of Sobrecarga were written and mostly recorded within two weeks of June 2015 at Donnelly’s Westmont Station Studio in Westmont, New Jersey, outside of Philadelphia. Donnelly built the musical landscapes piece by piece using the palette of softer, jazz-influenced cymbals, piano and other acoustic instruments.

Lushly layered yet raw in execution, the album is personal story-telling at its finest. An exposition on relationships, affairs and overexposure, Sobrecarga offers poignant themes with immediate pop constructions.

Sobrecarga is available at

Track Listing

Wired Magnetic
Dragons and Perfume
Stark Mercy

Face Without A Mouth
Little Bear
Steady Ruth