Capowski Releases “Wild Animals” Today


“Wild Animals” is the new album from Capowski, produced by John Ashton (Psychedelic Furs).

An incredible cast of players feature on the recording of “Wild Animals.” In addition to Capowski and John Ashton on guitar, the Band guitarist Jimmy Eppard plays on the album, as does bassist Sara Lee (Gang of Four, B52s), drummer Joe Magistro (Black Crowes), keyboardist Pete Levin (Miles Davis, Gil Evans) and vocalist Simi Stone.

“I had this wealth of rock and roll experience to help in the recording of the album,” Capowski says. Working with Ashton also expanded Capowski’s sonic palette and opened him up to new ways of writing and recording music. “There’s a dissonance, a tension in the music that John encouraged and helped to create,” Capowski says. “There’s an indefinable element between the notes, a certain atmosphere on the record.”

“Wild Animals” is out June 2, 2015. Available on CD and download at CD Baby and also from major download sites like iTunes.


1. At First Sight
2. Stealing Time
3. Do You Want to Get Lost?
4. Wild Animals
5. Don’t Think of Nothing
6. Everlasting
7. Tattoo on My Wrist
8. Not Like Before
9. Everything I Need
10. Where You Been So Long?